Irene’s Story: Campus Security Never Caught Her Harasser

Irene is a typical college student. One evening, she and a female friend were waiting outside their classroom, when suddenly, they were accosted by a man. The man told them a sad tale of being unemployed, homeless and hungry. Taking pity on him, the students fed him. After the meal, the man’s demeanor changed. He began to say inappropriate and perverted things to the two students, one of which was:

“Would it turn you on if I spat in your soda?”

Irene felt the tone of the situation change. Her heart began to rattle in her chest. She became frightened and anxious. She knew she and her friend needed to get out of there fast. The two students quickly walked away and called campus security. Although campus security stated that they would handle the situation, they did nothing; the very next day, Irene and her friend saw that same, dangerous man waiting for them after class. Indeed, campus security never located the man.

On this occasion, Irene and her friend escaped. They were lucky. However, after the incident, Irene and her friend were terrified to return to class. The truth is that on campus harassment creates a hostile working environment, which prevents students from focusing on their studies and hinders their ability to learn.

Campus harassment is a pervasive problem. According to the research conducted by the American Association of University Women, 62% of female college students and 61% of male college students report having been sexually harassed on their university campus. A staggering 51% of male college students admit to sexually harassing someone in college, with 22% admitting to harassing someone often or occasionally.

Which category did you fit into? Which category does your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, or friend fit into? We don’t want our students to fail. So don’t fail them today. Donate to Hollaback!’s anti campus harassment campaign. You only have two days left, but that’s still more than enough time for you to make a difference!

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