Anonymous’s Story: “Nauseous”

8:30am.  Walking down a wide tree lined street in a suburban neighborhood passing large but cozy houses.  Sort of McMansion Jr’s.  A boy, maybe 16 or 17 years old, walks towards me on this otherwise vacant street.  We lock a gaze and as I look into his greyish blue eyes, I feel an odd cold tingling of “off-ness” in his stare.  I look away and as he passes me he grabs my shoulders so I stop.  He then squeezes my breasts hard in his hands, and lets go and runs fast away from me.  I remain stunned.  Heart racing.  Nauseous.

One response to “Anonymous’s Story: “Nauseous”

  1. Maybe I’m a little defensive, but if someone touches me like that, they get the same response, “Get the f12k away from me!” It works in many situations. Creep probably wouldn’t want his momma or sister groped like that.

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