Month: May 2012

New Street Harassment Documentary: Turn Around

From the filmmaker: It is the story of a creepy man who, on a quiet night on a Parisian street, starts following a lone woman. As he gets closer and closer, he notices that he himself is being followed – first by one woman, then two, then more and more women until it seems that an … Continued

Megan’s Story: “It happens all the time”

I wrote this for a class, as a way to make visible the daily harassment that goes on at my school. These are accounts of my experiences, written in the second person. Men Who Whistle and Howl Like Dogs The Men Who Dwell In Dark Basements: While at a house party with your friends, you … Continued

UMD Student’s Story: Gross

It was evening, around 10pm, and I had ridden my bike to the shopping center to pick up food. I was wheeling out of the parking lot with a full backpack when some older, intimidating-looking men getting into a truck looked me up and down with a sneer. One said, “I’d like to lick that … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Halifax.

Meet Rebecca, the rebellious Internet queen fighting street harassment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Why do you HOLLA?  Because I’m tired of turning away, crossing the street, watching shadows, and resorting to learned behaviours of invisibility. I’m sure I’m not the only one. When I learned about Hollaback, my first thought was to wish we had … Continued

Yemen women use digital tech to improve society with ‘Safe Streets’

An excerpt cross-posted from the Women’s News Network To push for safer streets in Taiz City, Ghaidaa al Absi, a rising group of 200+ women have brought attention back to the issues of women and Yemeni society. Persistent problems of street harassment throughout regions in the Middle East were discussed openly during a recent world … Continued

A week in our shoes: BIRTHDAY EDITION!

Hello Hollabackers! It’s our second nonprofit birthday this week! I say “nonprofit” birthday, because as most of you know, our work started in September 2005.  But it wasn’t until May 1st, 2010, that I started running Hollaback! full time.  I had been turned down by 8 foundations and 2 fellowships, but I knew in my … Continued

Harasser photographed, police take notice

cross-posted from Metro NY Another day, another subway perv. The NYPD is looking for this man who is wanted for public lewdness on a subway in Queens. Police say the suspect sat across from a 20-year-old woman on a Manhattan-bound R train last Thursday, April 26, as it departed from the Steinway Street station at … Continued