A quick guide to addressing street harassment

One response to “A quick guide to addressing street harassment

  1. In my opinion, for women comfortable with confrontation and assertive responses, the suggestions depicted here makes good sense. But, the most common response to street harassment is weak body language combined with silence, basically ignoring it.

    As a practical matter, I think it makes more sense to begin with baby steps. That means doing something when before you did nothing. Therefore, my suggestion is to respond with the “Not interested!” verbal phrase combined with dismissive body language.

    Dismissive body language is not weak. It is also not confrontational. It is an assertive display of your non interest in engaging with the person.

    The reason it works is because most likely you truly are emotionally not interested in engaging with the harasser. It allows you to respond and also continue on your way.

    Once you become skilled and confident with this response, you can pick the time and place of the harasser to confront with from assertive responses.

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