Another Subway Masturbator and MTA Worker Does Nothing

Last week The Gothamist reported on yet another masturbating subway douche and very little being done about it. Subway rider, Monique Henry, was making her daily commute from Queens to Brooklyn to her job as a baker. After she boarded the D train at Rock Center she witness “a middle aged Hispanic man” dressed “in a rumpled, cheap looking suit, and [carrying] a¬†Jet¬†magazine” playing with himself. Left is what she snapped.

Once Henry got to the 179th street station she recalls:

“I ran to find [help] and ran into who I guess was the conductor/announcer. I showed them the video and EXACTLY where the man was on the train. THE MAN WAS STILL ON THE TRAIN. And you know what I got? A blank stare. That’s it. I just worked a 10 hour shift, had a 2 hour train ride home…and that’s what I got.”

We’ve got your back Monique! If you recognize this pervert then let us know.



5 responses to “Another Subway Masturbator and MTA Worker Does Nothing

  1. Your app is sexist. Aimed only to further decimate the character of men as a whole. It does though serve as a great tool in stoping creeps like the guy in the photo above. I openned saying what I did because an app like this can be used as a sword by any pms’ing, agravated, man hating woman against a man who actually just doesnt have the ppl skills to approach a woman. One click of the camera he becomes a “predator” the use of an app this may cause more harm than good if its not used responsibly.

    1. Do you have any idea how embarrassing. Let me repeat, “EMBARRASSING” it is to have men shouting obscenities at you on the street when you aren’t do anything to deserve it. Sure, a few “avengers” might misuse the app, but no system is perfect. For the most part, I believe that the app could totally help women feel more comfortable on the street. That’s all we want. I’m not even going to ask if that’s to much to ask for because its not

  2. Couldn’t he/she call it in to the Transit Police? People think women should just put this up with this stuff. They don’t realize how traumatizing it is.

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