The most revolting photo we’ve ever received [trigger warning]

From one of our readers: “I’m riding the Brooklyn Coney Island bound R train Saturday 3-24-12 at about 5:40am, I was on my phone and happened to look up and see a man fondling himself. At first I thought he had an itch until he revealed himself. I took his picture so I could put him on blast. Ladies, please be aware of this dirt bag!!”

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  1. Has he been reported to the police? get his picture out in the local papers, this is a serious illegal offence allowed by a culture in which men think it’s perfectly FINE to do shit like this, and more, that they’ll get away with it.

  2. I’ve seen at least ten penises in my life, so this is no surprise. But it is equally horrifying. In the context of love and privacy, nothing could be more beautiful, but on a train, it is a WMD. Any woman seeing it is violated.

  3. You know, this happened to me once in the subway, except i was sitting down and the guy was standing over me. (Shudder). In retrospect, I wish I had said calmly but in a very loud voice, “Sir, please put your penis away, this is a public subway.”

    I think guys who do this count on people to be shocked and embarrassed to say anything. Take away their enjoyment of the act by refusing to be upset and just calling attention to them.

    Wish I could have done it at the time. Instead, I walked home shaking with rage. He won that one.

  4. After coming back from an End Street Harassment event in Brooklyn that was also attended by Hollaback, I logged onto Facebook only to see this photo on a friends wall. I immediately told her to Hollaback! So glad she did 🙂

    I unfortunately experienced this as a young woman. In High School as a freshman, I was on the train alone on my way to school and a pervert just like this was in the corner just like this watching me. As I exited the station he touched my hand with what I know now was his bodily fluids. Every time I think of it I get so disgusted. I am so happy that movements like this exist for scared women all around the world. I am glad to be a part of this movement to End Street Harassment.

    Ijana Nathaniel

  5. I just saw something on TYT … it is illegal to take unauthorized pictures of someone’s private parts in public.

    1. It is illegal in some countries, but not in the US, as long as you are in public space. Private space, like stores are restaurants, are illegal.

  6. I appreciate everything this blog does and so I want this to be seen as a suggestion and not a negative thing. Given that this blog contains a trigger warning for a serious incident of harassment, I think it would be nice if the photo was hidden behind a link or set up in such a way that someone could choose whether or not they want to see it. I saw the picture before I even noticed the title and so if I would have been triggered I did not have the chance to stop it. Thank you all for everything!

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