A week in our shoes: March 23, 2012

Annie from Councilmember Ferreras' office and Natalie, our intern.

Hello Hollabackers!

We’ve had an incredible week. Our sites internationally have been moving and shaking for international anti-street harassment week, and we launched our ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ bystander campaign this week! You can read about the how the initiative got started hereAnd we need your help!  Take a second to:

1. Check out the resources we developed with Green Dot here (they have been translated into 9 languages!)

2. Download the new Droid app today (the new iPhone app is still being approved).

3. Click the button. One of our exciting new website features includes the ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ button which you can now click as a show of support when people post their experiences with street harassment. For example, Veronica and I got harassed this week (doing this work professionally doesn’t prevent it unfortunately!), check it out.WARNING: clicking the ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ button is super addictive.

4. Promote our campaign to your friends! Tag us (@ihollaback.org) in your tweet and we’ll retweet it, or post our new resources page on Facebook!

5. If you don’t do anything else, please, please, take a moment to share stories of when you’ve stood up for others being street harassed. We need to show people that this is possible! And if you haven’t tried to help some who’s been harassed yet, read our resources page and then get to it!

To celebrate the launch of this campaign (which we’ve been working on for a year!) we had an ‘I’ve Got Your Back!’ campaign launch party at the Branded Saloon in Brooklyn! If you couldn’t make it, you definitely missed out and were missed by us all! It was a great night of music, food (lovingly prepared by fellow Hollabackers), karaoke, street harassment trivia presented by the best trivia moderator, ever, and a bar filled with awesome folks and volunteers who are all about turning bystanders into walking advocates on the street! A big thank you to everyone who turned out last night, Branded Saloon, Miss Mona Mour, DJs Miss Bliss and Shuo and Tell, Dolly Trolly, as well as everyone who has helped us with this launch, especially Jill Dimond, Kevin Finity, Josephine Hall, the wonderful folks of Green Dot and our donors who helped make this launch possible!

From left to right: our board members Allison Sesso and Sam Carter, me, Natalie, and Veronica at the "Engendering Progress" Awards

We Got an Award! We were one of the Manhattan Young Democrat honorees on Wednesday night for an “Engendering progress” award! It was an honor to be amongst so many awesome New Yorkers who are fighting for gender justice!

We met with partners! We skyped with the amazing folks at METRAC in Canada this week about how to do community safety audits. They more-or-less invented them back in the 80s, and now they are considered a UN best practice for dealing with street harassment! We’re partnering with Councilmember Ferreras’ office to do them in Queens this spring!

We got press!  Their is an article in Today’s Zaman about our site leader in Istanbul, Kacie Kocher. Also, Julia Grey from Hollaback! London was quoted in this article about anti-street harassment week, Aishwarya S. and Hamsini Ravi from Hollaback! Chennai wrote this article about their project to photograph unsafe spaces, I did podcast for PreventConnect (listen here!) about the new bystander campaign, and The Afro also wrote a nice little piece about it. 

We spoke with kids! I was invited to do a panel on misogyny at Brooklyn Bridge High School in Canarsie this week with Charlotte Trouper from Women’s Enews, Amy Klein from Permanent Wave, and others!

Thanks for your support this week.  And remember, there’s still time to take part in International Anti-Street Harassment week! Find out where and how you can participate!

HOLLA and out!


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