A trending hashtag on Twitter right now, #ididnotreport, is offering a powerful outlet for anyone who has experienced sexual violence but did not come forward to report it.  As Emily May pointed out in her recent article, “Bringing Sexual Harassment Above the Radar,” there are a multitude of reasons why people don’t report — be it a fear of not being taken seriously, having little faith in the justice system, or because victims aren’t aware of their rights, societies too often protect harassers and rapists over victims.

And for those of you who have been living under a rock, on-line activism works. While #ididnotreport may not topple dictatorships, it can provide survivors of sexual abuse and victims of sexual harassment a mountain to shout their stories from — and when survivors speak up, that can be just as powerful.

The tweets can be found here [TRIGGER WARNING], and you can join the conversation by tweeting your stories with #ididnotreport or by sharing your story on ihollaback.org.

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  1. I reported harassment back in school and never saw justice so I’d say for me it is definitely a lack of faith in the system.

    I often just ignore whoever harasses me on the street because I get tired of fighting back. Generally this works just fine. I have found that walking by with my head high and not giving them a response causes men to lose interest quick.

    Of course I am also a big person so that has something to do with it. Also the older I get the less harassment I receive.

    I love what you are doing. We need to send a message that it is not okay to harass women as they walk down the street.

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