Anonymous’s Story: No peace

After parking in a parking garage, I was walking down the street to get to my destination. I purposely crossed the street to avoid walking past a group of construction workers, even though I didn’t have to. I watched as they all leered at a young woman who had been in front of me before I crossed. She chose to just break out her phone and text to avoid eye contact. At this point my blood was already boiling a bit. When I got to the building I needed to enter, I had to cross the street again. A group of 3 guys whiplashed their necks to check out that same girl as she passed them. When they got to me, I saw smiles and stares from the corner of my eye and heard “C’mon, smile baby” just as we crossed paths. I kept walking, up to the door, but said “Shut the f**k up” real loud. His friend said something like “oooh, dang” and laughed that the street harasser wasn’t enough of a player or something, instead of oh, I don’t know: apologizing for his friend, telling his friend to shut up, laughing at how idiotic street harassment really is. It took a while to calm down. I KNEW that this other young woman, nor myself, could just walk down the street on warm, sunny day in peace.

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