Case Update: Hyatt Housekeepers Sexually Harassed and Sacked

Hyatt CEO: Reinstate Workers Unfairly Fired After Protesting Injustice!


In November of last year Hollaback! posted an article urging readers to support sisters Martha and Lorena Reyes after their unfair dismissal from the Hyatt Santa Clara.

In September of last year, sexually explicit, photoshopped images of the two housekeepers were displayed on the company bulletin board by a co-worker. A few weeks later they were let go for the “fuss” that they had made. We at Hollaback! urged you to help have them reinstated in their jobs with back pay.

While you have been signing the petition, over 150 universities nationwide have released a statement calling on Hyatt Regency to “uphold the dignity of women” and rehire the sisters. Women’s and Gender Studies Faculties from several universities have initiated a petition that has been signed by over 700 students and faculty members nationwide.

Faculty in Chicago and the Bay Area lead delegations yesterday to members of Hyatt’s Board of Directors to deliver the petition and as soon as we find out the outcome we will post it here. It is so amazing to see awesome people joining forces to make a change for the good.


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