Month: January 2012

I’m an Egyptian Girl: An Anti-Street Harassment Film

Check out this short anti-street harassment film from Egypt by Cairo students Merna Karam, May Kassem and Mirna Makary. It is so awesome to see courageous ladies raising awareness of street harassment all over the world, for every person that takes a stand several more are sure to follow, so let’s keep talking about it, … Continued

Activist Natalie Warne: Awesome, Young and Modest

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Meet Natalie Warne, an awe-inspiring young lady from humble beginnings who achieved the impossible with spirit, determination and a shed load of Red Bull. In the following video Natalie speaks about her struggle to run a successful campaign for the Invisible Children Project, the movement that seeks to end the conflict in … Continued

I’m feminist enough

I’m Feminist Enough, vol. 1 from Shannon Washington on Vimeo. (we’re blushing up a storm over here after that Hollaback! shout-out!)