Activist Natalie Warne: Awesome, Young and Modest


Meet Natalie Warne, an awe-inspiring young lady from humble beginnings who achieved the impossible with spirit, determination and a shed load of Red Bull.

In the following video Natalie speaks about her struggle to run a successful campaign for the Invisible Children Project, the movement that seeks to end the conflict in Uganda and prevent the abductions of children for use as child soldiers. She modestly touches upon how she gained national recognition and the attention of Oprah Winfrey. As a result, President Obama signed a bill in Congress that would apprehend those responsible and fund the recovery of the affected areas.

Warne pays tribute to the selfless vigor of “anonymous extraordinaries” that seek neither fame nor recognition but only hope for change and revolution. The 20-year-old urges young people everywhere to listen to the fire in their belly and let nothing stop them from changing the world.

Here is the video. Warning: You will Cry.

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