Year: 2011

HOLLAWho? Meet Chicago.

Meet Hannah Sanders, the patiently persistent activist fighting street harassment in Chicago, IL.  Why do you HOLLA? Because a lot of people feel that they can’t or worse–that they aren’t supposed to hollaback at sexual harassment. I holla because no one else on earth speaks for me. No other person is entitled to sum up … Continued

OWS: All Day, All Night, Occupy Women’s Rights!

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Over 100 people, the majority of which were women, peacefully marched from Zuccotti Park to the NYPD’s first Precinct HQ on Tuesday night to demand that all OWS females in police custody be treated with respect. This action comes after complaints that male officers patrolling the female cells had been violating protocol. … Continued

Meg’s Story: “NOT acceptable”

This is a story about my experience one day while living in Buffalo, NY. It’s one of many examples of how women experience street harassment every day. A few years back I lived in Buffalo, NY for a time. One sunny, breezy, and beauteous summer afternoon, I decided to ride my bicycle over to Delaware … Continued

Breaking News: Zuccotti Park Evicted and 70 Arrested

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS In the early hours of Tuesday morning Mayor Bloomberg authorized the mass eviction of peaceful protest Occupy Wall St from Liberty square. Bloomberg told a press conference this morning: “The final decision was mine and mine alone.” Law enforcement arrived at Zuccotti Park not long after midnight last night where they handed … Continued

Have You Seen This Man?

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS This man is wanted in connection with an attempted rape of a woman in the East Village in the early hours of Sunday Morning. According to police the suspect is a white man, aged between 25 and 30, 5’9 and weighing approximately 190lbs. The attacker was alleged to have followed his 27-year-old … Continued

To Keenan and Reuben: The Boys Who Did Not Look Away

Last month we published an article detailing the heroic actions of Mumbai young men, Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez, who were both savagely murdered when they stood up to street Harassment. Just over a week ago Hollaback! Mumbai payed their tributes to these brave souls and a story that was far too close to home: … Continued

Casualty of War: Amber Cole

BY ERIN HOLLABACK DES MOINES Make no mistake, we are at war. We are engaged in battle with gender binaries, expectations of gender presentation, rape culture, and a great many number of things- we are most certainly at war. And in war, there are casualties. I want to apologize. We at Hollaback! Des Moines have … Continued

Ring That Bell And End Domestic Violence in India!

BY SARA SUGAR Bell Bajao is a series of print, radio and television advertisements produced by global human rights organization Breakthrough, as part of a three-year commitment of the Clinton Global Initiative to end violence against women in India. Breakthrough uses popular culture to mobilize individuals to fight back against human injustices and Bell Bajao … Continued

Occupy Houston’s got internal solidarity, and we like it.

On November 8th we issued a public statement with that was co-signed by over 50 organizations and 4 Occupy Sites. One of these sites is Occupy Houston, who used our call to action to write a beautiful internal solidarity statement.  We are reprinting it here in hope that is of use to Occupy sites … Continued