Year: 2011

Nicola’s Got Nerve

Opening up fields of awareness, Part 2 Last week this column talked about the need to become more aware in public, in an effort to avoid being the target of unwelcome interactions with strangers. If we keep in mind that the people around us everyday on public transportation and out on the street could be … Continued

18 Days Without Street Harassment

BY EMILY MAY   What would a world without street harassment look like? It’s easy to describe what it would not be but trying to imagine how the world would change in the absence of harassment, groping, public masturbation, assault? Much harder. That is unless you live in Egypt.   “I have lived the dream,” … Continued

Modesty and Outrage.

BY EMILY MAY The announcement was just made in The Times of India today: “Sexually harassing women or outraging their modesty will soon be non-bailable offences in the state. The government has sought amendment of Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with assault or use of criminal force on women with … Continued

LeighAnna’s Story: “This is the third time in as many weeks I’ve faced harassment or derogatory speech for being visibly gay”

Two young guys on a train in Boston, MA. They’re probably drunk, we’re probably heading from the same baseball game. They’ve been hitting on/sexually harassing some college-age girls on the same train car as me without getting any responses. Next they start glancing over towards me, a butch woman with short hair, and I overhear … Continued