Donate to Hollaback! The Perfect New Year’s Resolution.


The lull between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for reflection, you’ve consumed four times your body weight in turkey and paralyzed on the sofa you are forced to think of this year’s events. Was it, for instance, absolutely necessary to reiterate the rules of Monopoly to your family in such an abrupt manner? Also, given the substantial bundle that you spent on that spectacular NYE dress that you can now neither pull past your knees or your shoulders, was it essential to buy enough food to feed you and a large army twice over in the event of a nuclear holocaust?

Amidst these important ponderings hopefully you had time to contemplate Hollaback’s State of the Streets Report! It is truly awe-inspiring to see the movement grow from a tiny sapling to a beautifully flourishing revolution. This year Hollaback! has inspired international leadership by training young women and LGBTQ individuals to build their own grassroots movements centered around street harassment, they have managed to shift public opinion and have gained international press from the NY Times to the BBC.

Hollaback! has engaged the attention of numerous elected officials, as well as organizing the first New York City Council world hearing on street harassment. But most importantly Hollaback! has encouraged you the readership to find your voices and speak out on street harassment. To date the organization has published over 3,000 stories of all varying forms of street harassment. But the action does not stop here!

We still need your help! We need to keep spreading the word and educating the masses about what behavior is acceptable in public spaces and how to keep our streets safe. We still need to encourage the world to find their voices and Hollaback! for themselves and for other people. YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO END STREET HARASSMENT!

My suggestion is that on December 31 you save the $200 you were going to spend on some pretentious club where they make you line up for 30 minutes, only to enter an empty bar, sporadically dappled by people in jaunty headwear that haven’t smiled since the mid 90s when it became unpopular to do so in photos. Save it and then donate it to Hollaback! There’s no better way to see in 2012 than joining a bloody brilliant revolution that involves everyone! 99 per cent of women will experience street harassment in their lives (Kearl 2010) and this study does not even include LGBTQ and Men. Street Harassment, in all its ugly forms, is something everyone on earth shares and together we can stop it. So let’s not procrastinate any longer get your hand in your pocket and donate to a truly worthy cause so the next generation won’t have to!

Happy New Year Hollabackers!!


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