Anonymous’s Story: “Yes, I’m a woman…get over it!”

This is not a specific story per se, but a general rant. Why do so many males in cars honk at a woman walking down the street or waiting at a bus stop? Also, why do they hang their heads out the window and stare at us when they should be paying attention to the road? It really is just as annoying as if they were to yell something out at me. I’ve already had it done twice to me just this morning within about five minutes of each other, while on my way to work. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I have to deal with in a typical week. What really burns me is that these idiots only do this when I’m alone. Nobody bothers me when I’m with my boyfriend. Really??? So in order to be left the hell alone, I have to be accompanied by a man at all times, otherwise I’m “fair game”? All I had on was a baggy grey hoodie, purple top, grey pants and sneakers. My hair was thrown back in a sloppy bun. Not that any of this should matter. It has seriously come to the point to where I’m ready to start disguising myself as a man anytime I have to go out alone. These assholes act like they’ve never seen a female before in their pathetic lives. YES, I’M A WOMAN…GET OVER IT!!!

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  1. Men like this run the risk of havig a car accident. No wonder men’s insurance is always more expensive, this kind of behaviour must be a factor.

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