Hero DeJesus Proves We DO Have the Power to End Street Harassment!


Inspirational and Badass Shyane DeJesus

Brave anthropology student, Shyane DeJesus, hit headlines last week when she fought back against 39-year-old, subway sex pest, Froylan Andrade. DeJesus was groped by Andrade on the 6 platform at Union Square at 9.30 am on October 23. In utter disgust, she punched him with her left hand. Andrade fled onto the train and sat down as if nothing had happened. However, DeJesus was not about to let him get away with this, she followed him and kicked him in the face, she then took his picture as fellow passengers ignored her plight.

And the wonderful thing is that her efforts were not in vain! Once she had the precious picture she got to her office and called the police. According to the NY Post the NYPD were tipped off by Andrade’s brother who recognized the photo and gave them his address. Andrade was arrested and positively identified by courageous DeJesus.

Dejesus’ message to the world is:

“Don’t let them scare you: they are cowards!”

Hopefully this wonderful young lady will give others the courage to find their own voice and say NO to street harassment!


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