Taking Back Halloween!


What’s not to love about Halloween? Decorations, candy, fun, games, laughter and of course sexist and demeaning costumes. Hold up! Hollaback moment! Why is it that every Halloween I am spoilt for choice between a sexy Indian, sexy cowgirl, sexy police officer, sexy nurse, need I continue? Putting the word “sexy” in front of an occupation does not validate it as an acceptable costume. Halloween should not be an excuse to openly objectify women, when this happens throughout all communities all-over the globe everyday. And I am sure that I am not the only person that is tired of this.   

So, amidst the barrage of sexy nurse, police officer, milkman, grocery store owner costumes a ray of light broke through the mundane norm in the shape of the Taking Back Halloween Costume Contest!

HollabackPHILLY, in collaboration with SPARK and Beauty Redefined has created a unique challenge for people to “create an alternative to the sexification” of Halloween. Not only are they encouraging us to the redefine female attire for Halloween, but there are some awesome prizes up for grabs! The competition rules appeal for the creation of empowering costumes that are bold, unique and innovative, instead of ones that reinforce a narrow and sexist definition of beauty. They want you to Take Back Halloween!

AND, they have a kiss-ass panel of judges, including Whitney Adams, a professional costume designer, and Sunny Haines, an assistant stage manager and dresser for various theaters.

You can enter the contest here by submitting a photo of you in your empowering costume (only open to U.S. residents). Entries are due Nov. 4, and more information can be found here. You can help spread the world by tweeting, too. (One great example tweet: Don’t be just a “trick” or a “treat” – Redefine Beauty! SPARK a change! Enter to win an iPod, or other great prizes! http://philly.ihollaback.org/?p=950)

Other prizes include awesome Hollaback! Tote bags and Starbucks gifts certificates. So get cracking and have an empowered and anti-sexified Halloween!

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