Anonymous’s Story: “Let me get your picture!”

This guy gave me creepy looks and said in a creepy voice, “mm sexy, I like, I like” as I walked past him on the street.  I took a picture of the building he went in to.  (the Hollaback I made right before this one).  Then I turned the corner and was waiting for my friend that I was meeting, and who should come around the side of the building but my hollaing guy.  He walked past me again, and made more comments, a little more disgusting this time (don’t remember exactly what he said).   He was a mover and went to unload a truck.  I walked right up to him and said, “oh hey, there you are! I was looking for you, let me get your picture!  I’m going to put it on the internet and let everyone know what a creep and loser you are, since you have to go around hollering at women to make yourself feel good!”  He mumbled something about “I just wanted to say hello.”

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