Anonymous’s Post: Not your fault

It was around 9:30 this friday and I was starving so I had my mom wait in the parking lot while I ran in to get some food by McDonalds.  As I was getting out a pack of guys started whistling at me and telling me “babe you look good”.  I actually sprinted to my mom’s car. When I told my mom she FLIPPED out on ME and got into a traffic jam.  She told me to just deal with it.  I’m fourteen years old and this has been happening since I was twelve. Earlier this day on the train a guy kept blocking my path and telling me things like “mama come over here” and another guy was like “damn mama you look good”.  These weren’t even guys, they were grown disgusting men.  I’m so freaked out I try to avoid the train by all cost and I will never eat McDonalds again.

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