Kayla’s Story: Harassed Walking Home

I was walking home from work on a friday night from Broadbeach to Pacific Fair, and on my way is Jupiters Casino. I manage a resturant so it would have been around 11:30pm and the casino was teeming with people. Anyway these 3 guys as I was walking past whistled at me, which I ignored and then screamed out “Show me your tits baby you’re looking hot tonight” to which i replied “F*&k off”, the two other men laughed but the other guy said “Whatever you frigid c*$t”

2 responses to “Kayla’s Story: Harassed Walking Home

  1. Kayla you are so not alone. i had that happen to a similar story i said NOT INTERESTED and they say ‘you think your too good for me, b–ch.

    Im thinking to myself “why, yes, I am!”
    but i am so scared

    I hate how we have to worry about things like this.

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