Anonymous’s Story: “Gross”

on my way into wawa I hear “love that curly hair … and that sexy body”, I’m already inside and already too annoyed over missing work to respond because who knows what I’m getting myself into, what names I could be called, if I politely asked the man not to comment on my body loud enough for all the parking lot to hear, let alone if I started shouting like I half wanted to.
I go get some coffee and a cookie and on my way out another guy in a pickup calls out “girl you are so sexy” and I turned to yell “that’s kind of really offensive”, to which he responded “saaaaw-reeee” in that mocking singsong way bullies in elementary school do. gross.

One response to “Anonymous’s Story: “Gross”

  1. You highlighted how silly and immature he is. He is no man if he can’t apologise properly or see he has caused offense. If he wanted to complement you he could do so in a non-obscene and less childish way.

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