Anonymous’s Story: I can take pictures, too

This creep was taking photos of employees who were on smoke breaks across the street (e 60th between 3rd ave and lexington). The women were holding their hands in front of their faces and saying “seriously??” When I yelled at this guy he said he was just taking a photo of the building (the junky delivery side??) and that he had a right to take photos of whatever he wanted.  I said “me too!!” and took this photo of him.

2 responses to “Anonymous’s Story: I can take pictures, too

  1. You had every right to photograph this man, and he had every right to photograph the workers and you. I want everyone to keep shooting! The freedom to photograph anyone or anything is a fundamental part of a free society and the alternative, no freedom to take photos and record audio, is horrible. Here is Chicago they are threatening a man with many years in prison for videotaping a police encounter with a homeless artist. Illinois has a law that makes it illegal to record an officer without his/her explicit permission. Years ago the police lobbied to have this provision included in a “wiretapping” statute. If you take a video, with sound, of a police officer beating up a homeless person in Illinois you can go to prison for violating the officer’s privacy rights!!! I just hope that the ACLU wins its case.

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