Kathleen’s Story: Dehumanizing

While out with my sisters, I bumped into a guy that one of my sisters used to work with. He was with another guy friend of his and he stopped me and said hi, so we all chatted for a few minutes. This was outside in the smoking area in front of the bar, so back inside, I went to the bathroom and when I came back, my sister was talking to the guys at the bar. When I came over, the guys friend said, “Hey, who’s your friend with the nice tits?” and pointed right at me, while I was standing there.

Compared to others’ stories, this isn’t really that bad. But it still served the purpose…I was embarrassed and degraded, because that guy succeeded in reducing me to my sexual attributes. That’s the most frustrating part of the harassment, how dehumanizing it is. Yeah, maybe I am a girl with nice tits, but I’m also a person with thoughts and feelings, who deserves respect.