Sophie’s Story: “Let me get through”

I was on my way back from the cinema with a (male) friend and were just getting to the Triangle. It was a Saturday night and there were a lot of rowdy drunks on the streets. I started to feel slightly apprehensive as I’ve been verbally harassed on the Triangle under the same circumstances before. There were a few men outside Illusions and as we got there one of them jumped up and blocked our path. He let my friend through but continued to block my way, forcing me into the road to try and get by. After this didn’t work I tried to get back on the pavement and firmly said “Let me get through”. He ignored this at which point my friend realised what was going on and came back for me. Apparently wishing to avoid an altercation the man begrudgingly let me get by. We walked away to the sound of him and his friends laughing at this hilarity.

I’m grateful my friend was with me because the man did not seem like he’d be willing to let me through otherwise and I don’t know what might have happened. It makes me angry that I need to be chaperoned in a city I love so much.