Samantha’s Story: Harassed on the way to work

I was walking towards the courtyard of my office building in the middle of downtown. I spot two people, one man and one woman, sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard. I continue towards the building entrance and I notice that the man was angry with the woman. The woman was sitting very straight faced but looking away from him. He was inches from her face spitting as he spoke something I couldn’t quite understand until I got closer. He made eye contact with me as I was about to pass him “…I’d fuck that bitch…” (gesturing towards me). I was instantly angry. I was angry for her and myself. He was objectifying me AND her most likely. I thought I’d keep walking without creating a scene. But as I was about to go inside, I stopped. I turned around and in a defensive tone I yelled “EXCUSE ME?”. The man turned around to look at me, confused. I said “You don’t talk to me like that! You don’t say things like that to a woman.” He was shocked and began to mutter “Sorry, ma’am..” but I interrupted and hollered “Go fuck yourself!” and made my way to work.
We have a security guard at the front but he must not have noticed the incident. I walked past him and up the elevator to my office. I walked inside and looked out the window to the man and woman. She appeared to be fighting back now. A co-worker asked me what happened and I told him. He told me to inform the security guard. I went back downstairs and let the guard know there was a gentleman outside making lewd comments to young women passing by. He told me he’d take care of it and call the cops if he had to. I said it was all right. A couple female co-workers entered the building at that point and asked me if I was alright and relaxed me.
One of them told me I shouldn’t have responded to the man, saying he could have had a knife or weapon. I just thought to myself that I’d rather fight and stick up for myself then allow myself to be objectified and used.
Security came to tell me that he had kicked the man off the property and I wasn’t afraid to walk back to my car after work.