Tori’s Story: Groped at work

The clothing we are required to dress in at the clothes store I worked at can be classified as skimpy. They give us these skirts, dresses, and shorts and expect us to climb ladders.  I don’t own a skirt except the one I had to buy for work. I had guys look up my skirt all the time in Jr high so I never wore them. It was the end of December and I had come into work with a skirt, tank top, and a sweater on, cold, I may add..and the lights in the store make any location you are at very hot. Well this one girl, who works in the store with me, had her attire of a tank top and shorts. She was cold and I felt bad (I also was only working there for 2 months so I was trying to make friends) so I gave her my sweater. My manager stuck me in Dudes 1 (or the front room to greet people). When I greet people, I greet them with a smile and this guy I guess took it as though I were flirting with him. He stayed in my room for 30 mins just checking me out. Then the girl in Betty’s 1 (or the girls front room, which requires to have someone in it at all times) asked if I could watch her room while she runs to the bathroom. So I agreed. I was in her room for 20 minutes (little long to be at the bathroom) and the guy came into Betty’s 1. He was staring directly at me so I smiled and continued working. I was just standing there fixing a back table near the jean wall and he walked into the next room that was behind me. I thought it was odd that he was in the girls area but I had a lot of work to do so I shrugged it off. 5 seconds later he comes up behind me, gropes me underneath my skirt and says “see yah later baby”. As he was fast paced walking out of the store I yelled “You never treat a woman that way, ever!” And as soon as he stepped foot onto the porch the sirens were going off. My sprint to the door, tears streaming, and my manager on the other side of the porch looking at my tear stricken face as I tell him to, “Go get him!” And he sprints out the store as the guy is running down the mall with a smile on his face. The county police, THANKFULLY, were in the mall that day and helped my manager catch him. The guy ended up stealing 250 dollars worth of cologne. They brought him back to the store. No one knew what happened to me till I told the girl that was supposed to be in Bettys 1. She watched the room so I could go in the back and cry. My manager was MAD that that had happened to me and filled out papers about it and what not but nothing happened to the guy…he was the same age as me, 17 but 1 month short of 18, I had just turned 17…the part that angers me the most is that the store manager did not care. He never asked if I was okay but told me (not so sympathetically) that the guy was no longer allowed in the if we were LOSING a customer. Friends at school, my family, co-workers, all made fun of me through November. I never wanted people at school or work to know but the girl, that I gave my sweater to, had told people I see everyday at school…everyone ended up finding out and taunted me. I couldn’t go into Dudes or Bettys 1 alone for a month without being nervous. Also, I never wear skirts or shorts to work anymore..only jeans. Regardless of what my attire is, that incident should not have happened in the work place!