Taelor’s Story: “I felt very alone”

I had a medical appointment in downtown Seattle. It was Valentine’s Day and my fiance was away on deployment with the Navy, so I didn’t get to see him that day. I had expected my dad to come pick me up when I was finished, but he cancelled on me at the last minute, so I had to take the Greyhound home, which meant I had to spend some time alone downtown when it was getting dark. I stopped in at Gameworks to play Dance Dance Revolution before my bus arrived, so I was a little sweaty on my walk back, which is about 6 blocks away. after about a block I walked by a guy who was clearly leering at me. I ignored it. As I rounded the corner on to Pine street someone in a truck sped past and screamed something dirty out the window at me. I flipped them off. I continued walking and then turned the corner on 7th, only to be met by another guy who started saying all sorts of inappropriate things to me. One of the things he said was “hey sugar, give me a valentine’s kiss”. that’s when I lost it, because it was bad enough to be missing my fiance on valentine’s day, but he had to rub it in. I told him “fuck you!” but he wouldn’t stop. so I sped up my pace. a woman nearby chewed him out saying he couldn’t say things like that to girls. she then tried to apologize to me on his behalf.  He had no right to say that. I kept walking and left them behind. The hardest part through the whole thing was that I didn’t have anybody to call. My parents were busy and my fiance’s phone was disabled for deployment. none of my friends were picking up. I felt very alone.