Month: August 2011

No Room for Debate: Trans People and the Wider LGBT Community

BY ANGELA DALLARA It’s always encouraging to see criticism and internal dialogue within movements for equality—conversations that constantly question whether activists have the best priorities, are being as inclusive as possible, and are making a positive impact. I think one of the most admirable things about the modern feminist movement is the way we are … Continued

College Kids These Days

BY ANNIE BOGGS Deciding what to wear on a night out is usually a matter of deliberation and accomplished with the help of my roommates. In my college town, as in a lot of other areas populated with young people, there seems to be much more pressure on female students than their male counterparts to … Continued

Anonymous’s Story: “Gross”

on my way into wawa I hear “love that curly hair … and that sexy body”, I’m already inside and already too annoyed over missing work to respond because who knows what I’m getting myself into, what names I could be called, if I politely asked the man not to comment on my body loud … Continued

Amanda’s Story: Not backing down

I had moved to Philadelphia just a few days before and I was out exploring. I love my neighborhood. I’d grown up in the suburbs, but my family has a 70+ year history in the Federal St row-home where I live now. I decided to go check out 9th St (only tourists call it “the … Continued

Anon’s Story: “I’m glad to not feel completely alone”

Unfortunately I’m no stranger with harassment on the streets, having lived in Sydney and small country towns before Newcastle, I mean as appearances go I don’t consider myself unattractive, I’m not by any means thin, or conventional, but I take pride in myself and am careful to dress appropriately. However the intensity and consistency of … Continued

Things You Can’t Unsee

Reposted from Hollaback Czech Republic by Alicia Brooks There are certain things in your daily life that you do without even thinking about. Things like brushing your teeth, going to work, crossing the street or waiting in the inevitable line at the Albert. They have become such a part of your life that thinking about … Continued

Goodbye Blockbuster Season, Hello Films With Females

BY ANNIE BOGGS If you’re like me, you distrust the summer blockbuster season for its general obsession with superheroes, mindless violence and sequels. With the exception of “Bridesmaids” and the somewhat controversial “The Help”, this year was no different. The end of the summer brings some optimism, however, with several upcoming movies covering uncharted territory (read: … Continued