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The “Safe Campus, Strong Voices” Campaign is a national initiative for Campus Safety Awareness Month in September to raise awareness and increase advocacy on the issue of college sexual violence and the vast amount of under-reported cases as well as the injustices that many survivors face.  This groundbreaking campaign will focus on victim empowerment, prevention, bystander intervention, and provide tangible tools for both men and women to work together to create a safer campus. It will raise awareness and engage students to shatter the silence of campus sexual violence.

We at Security On Campus, Inc. and PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment cannot do this alone though! We need your help to reach your campus community!  The Safe Campus, Strong Voices Campaign is looking for student leaders and faculty to work with us!  We will provide the tool kit and everything you need to create this on your campus in both September and beyond! Please join us in raising awareness and breaking the silence with students at your school. To get started, please visit our website at To purchase a tool kit, click on the “Get Involved!” link at the top of our site, or follow this link:!contact Tool kits are being sold at a discounted price until July 22! Thank you in advance for your support and dedication to shattering the silence of campus sexual violence!

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  1. This is a great campaign, one that definitely needs a strong voice as campus sexual assault cases only seem to be on the rise. These are very troubling times, especially since so many cases go unreported. A solid, tangible tool for helping keep students safe is the Guardly service for smartphones.

    Guardly is a mobile service that instantly connects you with family, friends and authorities during an emergency and helps them locate, respond to and reach you faster than any other service in a single tap. It’s location-aware and also allows you to send pictures to a secure server as evidence to deter potential assailants.

    More information at:
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