HOLLAwho? Meet Alberta.

Meet Lauren Alston, the Rocker fighting street harassment in Alberta, Canada.

Why do you HOLLA? I HOLLA because I am more than just body parts, because I’m not on this planet to please someone’s eyes, and so that street harassment doesn’t become accepted as part of what we get for walking down the street.

What’s your signature Hollaback? Probably more of a disgusted facial expression. What I say depends on the situation, but I like: “It’s sad how you guys still haven’t figured out that it doesn’t work!”

What’s your craft? Finishing my Science degree Specializing in Psychology at the University of Alberta. My goal is to pursue a career in Neuropsychology.

HOLLAfact about your city: Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is Canada´s Festival City, hosting over 30 festivals every year!

What was your first experience with street harassment? Getting called “hey sexy” by some random man when I was about 12 or 13. At the time I was uncomfortable. It’s disgusting how I was even viewed as a sexual object since I was still a kid.

Define your style: It honestly depends on my mood. There usually is a little rocker thread somewhere I guess 🙂

What do you collect? Music, textbooks, beanie babies (woo TY originals!), wish I had more graphic novels…
Say you’re Queen for the day.  What would you do to end street harassment? That’s a good question. It is tough because I think the biggest issue with street harassment is that it is ingrained in our society. It is something so ubiquitous that it has become accepted and often unattended to.  It is a slow process when attempting to change the culture of a society so I´m not sure what I would do in only one day…

If you could leave the world one piece of advice, what would it be? Anything worth anything is hard work.

In the year 2020, street harassment … is a widely discussed issue and has been addressed by the government!

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