Lacoste Caught in Lie About Association with Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic Magazine

Lacoste responded to our petition yesterday calling for the withdrawal of their ad dollars from Argentinian smut publication El Guardian with this well-crafted paragraph:

Thank you for sharing your comments with us on this matter. Please be aware that the petition being circulated by wrongly associates the Lacoste brand and the offensive ideas expressed by a journalist in the Argentinian El Guardian Magazine. These ideas are contrary to the values of our brand. Lacoste has no advertising plan with this magazine.

But we found this:

If Lacoste has ‘no advertising plan with this magazine’ we will call this campaign a great success. We just want to make sure our supporters don’t doubt that Lacoste did in fact advertise in this magazine at one time. So here it is on the record.

The ball is in your court, Lacoste. We can forgive the past transgression with your promise of future civic responsibility.

And FIAT has not taken the time to respond to our requests yet, so while we’re at it, we’ll get their sleaziness on the record too (and we’ll promise not to call them sleazy again if they promise to stop funding El Guardian):

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