Bill Maher Uses Cairo Rape to Justify Racist Rant

In more of what we’ve seen all week from media across the board, Bill Maher spent a considerable amount of his February 19 show cheaply exploiting Lara Logan’s Cairo assault by trying to convince a leery audience that middle eastern men are more sexist than American men, citing an example of a Muslim man in New York who beheaded his wife.

Distracting audience and viewer attention away from a real look at sexual violence by indulging in “this is why we’re better than them” rhetoric and wild goose chase examples of misogyny to support his hypothesis, Bill used TV privilege to assert his own ethnocentric agenda.

“…talk to women who have ever dated an Arab man—the reviews are not good.”

“I’m not pre-judging, I’m judging. They’re worse, what’s wrong with just saying that?”

Oh Bill, your male superiority complex just isn’t relevant.

Continuing on, Bill waxed proudly that American women are privileged to worry about things like equal pay and whether or not someone calls them names.

Thank goodness Tavis Smiley jumped in as a voice of reason, telling Bill that it’s not about who is better or less sexist but about really looking at the problem, pointing out that three inches of a knife blade in his back as opposed to eight inches is still a knife blade in his back.

C’mon, Bill, replacing sexism with racism is not a proper hollaback. And replacing sexism with more sexism isn’t either.


3 responses to “Bill Maher Uses Cairo Rape to Justify Racist Rant

  1. Bill Maher. I wouldn’t call you a muckraker or an a-hole. I would just tell you that you’re the reason that we as Americans take so much criticism for this notion that we are so much better than the rest of the world. Sexism is one thing. Racism is another. They often coincide, but it bothers me that you are using one to fight off another. Women aren’t “looking” for reasons to fight off sexism. Did you ever wonder why women need to stand up for themselves? I find it interesting that you needed to compare men of another race to white to make yourself feel better about your sexism.

  2. As a non-American woman who’s been living and working in the Middle East- Egypt and Syria- for the past two years, I can definitely say that men here are -far- more sexist than in my own country, England, and any other European country I’ve visited. Or perhaps that their actions are more sexist. I think any woman who’s lived in the ME can tell you that. Certainly it’s a problem in Europe, too, but the fact is there! In England, 99% of the time I can walk along the street in broad daylight, buy something from a shop, take a bus, and other very basic things without being treated like an object, threatened, etc. Here, I simply can’t.

  3. I think there is a difference between social attitudes – in the Middle East women don’t have as many rights as their counterparts in the USA or UK but it’s not down to the race of the Middle East. Sexism is displayed in different ways but it is still sexism. I’m sure there are men in the Middle East who are more respectful to women then this man and vice versa. Equal pay – yes that is still an issue for women WHEREVER they are in the world, that’s something not to be ignored in the USA.

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