Do I look like a cheesecake to you?

I was out in the mission with my friends for a birthday bar crawl and my roommate invited this guy she’s dating. He shows up with 3 extra friends in tow and they join our party and go with us to the next bar. I could tell the guys were sizing me up the whole time that we were at the bar together, but I tried to ignore their advances and just have a good time with my friends. Later on in the evening, one of the guys walked by and said in my ear- I want to taste you. He looked me in the face as he said it and kept on walking. I could not have been more disgusted. That behavior is NOT acceptable.

Submitted by Chrissy

One response to “Do I look like a cheesecake to you?

  1. I know I hate it when my best friend & I are at a club & two fellas will approach & they’ve already decided who’s gonna be with who. So one thinks he’s gonna be with my friend & vice versa. They never consider that we may not be interested. I hate that.

    That’s so gross what that guy said to you.

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