Keep your creepy to yourself

Was on the way home at around 9:30. I look up, this guy across me is already staring at me and I continuously stare back at home and he starts smiling and starts mouthing some words to me. He gave me the most disgusting and perverted looks ever. He did this for the whole ride and kept looking back and staring at me, and if I stared at him longer, he would smile. Who does he think he is?

When I left, he told me, “Bye.” Wish I cursed him out.

Beware, ladies!

Submitted by S.T.

The guy is the one sitting in the picture.

One response to “Keep your creepy to yourself

  1. Omg gurl i know how you feel seriously.
    Try walking through walmart with short shorts and a tank top.
    There are men with a wife and three kids but he’still staring me up and down smiling raising his eyebrows and crap like that. even though im under age and they are old creepy and deeply unattractive.

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