In defense of a fellow woman

My story may technically fall under “domestic violence” but I think once you air your dirty laundry in public it deserves come under censure.

I was walking through my boyfriend’s apartment complex, headed towards his unit when I heard angry screaming echoing through the parking lot. I stopped walking, wondering if I could make out what was going on and didn’t have to look far before I noticed a girl sitting behind the wheel of a parked car, sobbing her eyes out. All the yelling was coming from her passenger seat. I was immediately concerned even though I didn’t know what was going on, but it looked and sounded like she was getting verbally attacked. So I head back to my car, hoping to buy some time and see if I needed to call authorities. Some scary guy is walking in and out of her car, screaming insults at her, making a scene, and even brought his room mate out to the car so he could justify whatever tirade he was on about (She had called him a liar or something? I would have called him unstable).
It’s only been 30 seconds or so, but I’ve already decided to call security when I see him grab her face, yelling “Look at me! Look at me, bitch!” I was so angry by this point I stomped over and started yelling HEY to get his attention off of her. It worked, probably a little too well. Luckily we were on opposite sides of the car but that didn’t stop him from trying to scare me too. Calling me names, and saying how this was none of my business. I said none of that mattered and “You DON’T. TOUCH. HER.” and that I’d be calling someone to the scene. Now that I look back, he responded in probably the most ridiculous way possible, “Go ahead and call the cops. I don’t give a fuck! I’ve BEEN in prison before!” If I hadn’t been so mad I might have laughed in his face. I gave him a pointed look, flipped open my phone in the bitchiest way possible, and stomped away to grab the number for security.
When I met the guards a minute later the couple was gone. Luckily, since I’d seen the Screamer pull his friend outside I knew which apartment they lived in. The guards confronted the guys but I saw no sign of the girl. I’m still worried about her and I only hope that by sticking up for her, maybe she’ll learn that no one deserves to be treated like that.

Submitted by Katherine

3 responses to “In defense of a fellow woman

  1. I used to be in that woman’s position. I would have loved for someone to stick up for me like you did. Eventually, we leave that life when we’re sick of being sick, and stop believing the I’M SORRY’S and the BABY I CHANGED.

  2. Katherine, you’re so brave! Awesome!

    I hope the woman realizes that this guy is scum (bragging about doing jail time…what a loser!) as well, but with abuse survivors that takes time. It’s not easy for a survivor to disengage herself from an abusive partner. She’s going to have to decide on her own terms when she’s ready to leave this scumbag for good. I’m hoping it’s sooner than later.

    1. You did the right thing, and even if she goes back to him there will be something there, knowing someone stuck up for her it was very brave of you. I wish there were more people around like you who will say something instead of looking away uncomfortably.

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