HOLLAwho? Meet London.

Meet Bryony Beynon, the Vegan Cyclist fighting street harassment in London, UK.

What’s your signature Hollaback? ‘YEAH GOOD ONE MATE.’

What was your first experience with street harassment? I’ve been shouted at in the street since I was fourteen years old for one reason or another, maybe pink hair means fair game.

HOLLAfact about your city: London has 900 book shops, more than double NYC!

My superheroine power is … Superhuman eating abilities

Why do you HOLLA? Because there’s nothing more empowering than being prepared.

Define your style: Low-rent ’70s new waver

Say you’re Queen for the day, what would you do to end street harassment? Dissolve our ridiculous coalition government and secretly start a revolution led by a riotous and excellently dressed girl-gang of all ages (as the Queen, I’d recognize my wrinkly privilege as an instrument of classist state oppression, obvs I’d sacrifice myself on some kind of massive molotov-cocktail shot from the top of Buckingham Palace).

What do you collect? Records!

If you could leave the world one piece of advice, what would it be? Look after vulnerable people.

In the year 2020, street harassment … will only be allowed if continue to we let it.

What inspires you? DOERS.

What else? I can stamp out most annoying WordPress bugs and make a pretty sweet looking site so I’d be happy to help anyone out with that!  As part of HollabackLDN we published a hi-spec two colour zine around the themes of modern feminism and gender equality called LANGDON OLGAR. You can buy it on the site, please do! It’s honestly awesome.

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