How young can you go? Harassment from an elementary school student

I was getting into my car this morning to drive to work and, while throwing my bag into the backseat, I dropped my keys on the ground. There was a traffic debacle waiting in the wings, as a car pulled up behind me to make room for a school bus that was coming in the opposite direction (facing my vehicle). As I squatted down to pick up my keys, someone on the bus yelled “nice ass” out of an open window. I did not see the face of the student, but the sound of the voice was congruent with that of an elementary school student … If I had to venture a guess, I would have placed the student in 4th or 5th grade. Not only did I feel harassed and discounted, but I felt disheartened on a deep level. I have reason to believe that this was a child saying this … trying to impress friends or laxly emulating behavior(s) he has synthesized from any number of people, places, and things. Any way you slice it, it felt terrible for a multitude of reasons.

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  1. I volunteer at a ymca in a deprived part of town; the first day, when five other girls and i were shown around, we were walking through a kindergarten class, and a 3 year old turned around, looked us up and down and said ‘well, helloooo ladies’ in as loaded a way as he had presumably heard his father or other male influencers say it. Shocked doesn’t quite cover it.

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