New women’s safety iPhone app free and available for download

DePaul University Junior Betsy Huigens has developed and released Bluelight, a free app that allows women to check in with family and friends after making it home on time.

Think of it as “I’ll call you when I get there 2.0” says the app’s storefront download info.

– First, enter your travel time – say 15 minutes for the walk home from the library at night.
– Next, select someone from your address book, such as a parent or roommate, to be your Bluelight contact.
– Set the alert and start walking.
– When you arrive home safely, cancel the alert, and your contact is never bothered. If you do not cancel the alert, Bluelight will let your contact know the route you took home via text message or email.

3 responses to “New women’s safety iPhone app free and available for download

  1. Kudos to Betsy for developing this app. I can see how it would be useful. But I have a few problems.

    It’s a women’s app? What if a guy wants to use it to let someone know he got home okay? Or a kid? Or someone elderly? With mobility issues?

    I don’t like the idea of an electronic tracker. Or the idea that even though I’m an adult and live on my own, I should be checking in and having someone monitor what I do.

    1. I agree, “kudos” for developing the app.
      I’m sure anyone who wants to can use this app . . . I can’t imagine that they limit it to ‘women only’,’young women only’ or those w/o mobility issues . . . you bring up a good point . . . market it for all!
      Secondly, I believe the idea is to use the app at your discretion, when there is a need. Sometimes even adults need assistance and hey, the app is free!

  2. What a great tool. For women. For teenagers. For hikers. For anyone who walks alone. It would be great if this post had a link to the site.

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