HOLLAwho? Meet Atlanta.

Meet Crystal Rodgers, the Feminista Barista fighting street harassment in Atlanta.

What’s your craft? Women’s Studies, professional student, and barista

HOLLAfact about your city: Atlanta wasn’t always the state capital, it used to be Milledgeville.  Also, the World Barista Championship was held in Atlanta in April of 2010!

My superheroine power is … I like to call myself Feminista Barista!  I fight sexist oppression while simultaneously pulling a tasty shot of espresso-all with my mind!

Say you’re Queen for the day.  What would you do to end street harassment? As queen for a day, do I get to use my superpower?  If so, I would erase everyone’s memories of patriarchal ideology (and other oppressive belief systems for that matter) perpetuating acts of misogynistic violence!

Why do you HOLLA?: Because it’s an effective, non-violent, and powerful way to combat street harassment!  As well as providing an opportunity to connect with my community (and others across the globe)!

Define your style: I like vintage stuff-currently donning my 50’s style cat-eye frames.  I love tattoos and plan on adding to my collection soon-my favorite tatt is currently an aviator pin-up girl I had completed over the summer! I have an asymmetrical haircut.  And….high waisted pants and thrift store sweaters are currently my jam.  🙂

What do you collect? Tattoos, unique coffee brewing devices, and feminist reading materials

If you could leave the world one piece of advice, what would it be? Don’t remain complacent with the current state of things.  We do not live in a post-feminist society and it is imperative that we work together against oppressive ideologies and institutions-including taking responsibility for our personal internalization of racist, classist, sexist, ableist, and homophobic belief systems.

In the year 2020, street harassment … will be non-existent!

Random: I think I would have enjoyed being a twenty-something in the 20s, late 70s, and early 90s.  I am obsessed with female vocalists-Kate Bush is currently my favorite!  I was the 2nd place Southeast regional barista champion in 2009!

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