I’m so not your sweetie

While riding the A train home and reading my book, I notice the guy sitting across from me looking at me. I am so tired and am very close to telling him to stop looking at me, but I don’t. As my stop approaches, I start getting up and he leans over and says: “Sweetie, I study heritage. What heritage are you?” I stand up, look at him, and say: “What makes you think you can call me ‘sweetie’?” He replies with “It’s a polite thing to say,” to which I reply, “I’m not your sweetie.” Then he says “You’ve got a bad attitude.” I tell him “Fuck you” (I know that isn’t the most constructive response), and he tells me “fuck you” right back. Lovely way to end the day.

Submitted by Diane

One response to “I’m so not your sweetie

  1. This enrages me not just because of his overly-familiar remark, but because he tried to pass it off as “polite.” I write an etiquette column and have read Emily Post and Miss Manners from cover to cover, and trust me, terms of endearment to complete strangers are NOT polite. This man is as ignorant as he is rude.

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