Sexism on Yelp?

Sexism on yelp? When I logged into my account, this was enough to make me think that some of the comments may not be random.

I don’t want to sound crazy, but here is what I saw (screenshot included) When I logged into my account on yelp, I saw the banner overhead greeting me with a very personal and creepy message, “Looking good, Raven.” Somehow, it struck me. I did not understand why at the time, but this next message confirmed it: When I clicked to go to my profile, I was greeted with what you see below. Now, pretty is not an adjective that would be used to describe a man. I can’t help but think that the selection process for greetings at yelp isn’t as arbitrary as people would think and that you’re privacy may not be as protected. Even in the world of online, as a woman, you want to be valued for yourself as a complex human being and not appraised as a sex object with no right and/or feelings. I can’t help but feel that something – and I am highly intuitive – is not right with this. I have contacted management and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to say. I’ll keep you informed.

Submitted by Raven.

2 responses to “Sexism on Yelp?

  1. If you’ve input your gender in any form on Yelp, which I am assuming you have since you have an account, the site knows that and can (and for Yelp, will) use that information. Its the same idea as Spyware, except they won’t use your information in a malicious manner. I can see why you would be uneasy about your situation, but keep in mind that most likely the only reason why it says that is because Yelp wants to make a more personal experience for each user. In other words, you have no reason to be frightened about your privacy not being protected.

  2. Although I agree with Andy that you probably shouldn’t be worried about your privacy being protected, I totally understand your unease. A phrase like “your pretty little self” is pretty demeaning. It makes you feel like you’re some little barbie doll.

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