No you can’t

This was a few years ago when I first moved to NYC. I lived in the East Village was walking to Union Square like I did every morning. A guy walking towards me sidled up beside me as I was walking by and said “I can see your pussy” under his breath and really close to my ear…I was horrified. This never happened to me when I was living in Boston. I was actually shaking after it happened, but I continued on my way. BTW – I was wearing capri pants, a large tank top and sneakers – hardly¬† a revealing outfit. Strangely, the guys that do this to me in Union Square were always sidling up to me and saying “tsst” “tsst” “tsst” – it is so gross.¬† They get so close to you that you FEEL like you’re being assaulted.

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  1. Hi there,
    It’s a shame to see that this is happens across the world. I’m a portuguese 27 year old woman, and this happens a lot in latin countries such my own. But every since a young age I decided I would not allow that to be done to me without any consequences. Why should I accept to be harrassed if I’m not harrassing anyone? If I’m respectful to others, why can’t I be respected?? And above I refuse to be embarassed and ashamed by something that someone else is doing to me??
    And girl I tell you, I’ve been doing this since I was 14 years old, every time a man harrasses me, and they do it in a way that no one is actually understanding what is happening and so they think they will go unnoticed, I just turn my back and scream at the top of my lungs “SAY THAT AGAIN YOU PERVERT?” And I shout and I sware, I do it all, so they are the ones to get embarressed and ashamed. And maybe next time they will think twice before they do such awful thing.
    Their reaction is alwasy the same, they turn their back and they run ashamed, bec they were caught!

    But safety first, only do this if you are in public spaces, with a lot of people around, if you know there is security close. Never do it while being alone, at night , in dark places, bec you never know what these creeps can do.

    Love Rafaela Mendes

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