Fast food freakbots

This happened during my first fall semester at Florida State. My friend and I had gone to Pizza Hut for lunch, right down the street from our apartment. Keep in mind, my friend is Muslim and was dressed in a hijab and in very conservative clothes. I was wearing baggy shorts and an even baggier T-shirt, and I looked like somebody’s baby mama. This older man was just leaving, and he looked at me and my friend like we were two pieces of steak and he hadn’t eaten in days. He offered to pay for our lunch (whoa, big spender). We turned him down and my friend rightfully called him a creep to his face.

Some time later, me and my same friend were going to Taco Bell. There was this big gray van parked out front, and two men old enough to be my father were sitting in it. We passed the car, and the man in the passenger’s seat started yelling, “Ma’am! Ma’am! Excuse me! Come here, ma’am!” I ignored him and went inside, and did not leave until that car was gone. Looking back, I wish I had flicked him off or something, just to let him know that I did not appreciate being treated like a walking vagina.

I have a number of smaller stories, such as a friend of my roommate’s who called me ‘sweet thang,’ and a group of men at my apartment complex who made sure that I heard them compliment my ass. It’s truly disgusting behavior, and I wish that I did not have these stories to tell.

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  1. ahaha i go to FL State and I know exactly the pizza hut and the taco bell you’re talking about. The restaurants along that street are so goddamn ghetto. I try to avoid them and I’m a guy.

  2. FSU Alum here. I used to live right off Tennessee Street on the edge of campus, and got all sorts of nasty catcalls and other disrespect on the way to CVS or Publix. Tallahassee can be a pretty ugly place for women who want to be left alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some tool honk at me while I’m in the crosswalk and scare the living daylights out of me. Once, some idiot actually tried to call me over, repeatedly, from across W Tennessee at a gas station. Seriously? I’m gonna walk across six lanes of traffic to satisfy this douche?

    I feel for you. I really do.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I had a whole group of working type men calling at me from across the parking lot of Days Inn by Mr. Roboto’s on Tennessee. As a single female I was very concerned because it was dark and I was meeting a friend inside the restaurant. The guys even said they would “go for a ride” with me. I ignored them.

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