“What would you want your daughter to do?”

I was out for my birthday with a friend. My friend and I decided to step outside and take my pool stick to her car so we could start dancing. As we were exiting the building, I see a man grab my friend’s ass. She batted his hands away and kept going. I looked the fool dead in the eye and told him, “Don’t touch me.” He made a move as if to grab my crotch and I grabbed him by the thumb, gave it a twist and started pushing him and shouting. When I had him pinned into the corner with his thumb in a tight bind, I asked him loudly, “Do you want to die in that shirt?!?” Then dislocated his thumb for him. He crumpled to the floor and the bouncer, who had witnessed the whole thing, started complaining that I had acted badly. I looked him in the eye and asked, “What would you want your daughter to do?”

The groper went to the hospital and the bouncer bought me a drink. My friend and I continued our evening not only unmolested, but treated with respect and dignity.

I’m not advocating violence, but sometimes you have to break the fingers that touch you.

Submitted by Jenna

4 responses to ““What would you want your daughter to do?”

  1. You are an amazing person. I truly appreciate what you did. That man deserved everything he got, and then some.

    Thank you for defending yourself and thank you for defending other women out there.

    And thank you, again, for putting that bouncer in his place.

  2. Good for you! WTF was that bouncer even doing while you guys were getting groped, besides bitching about you doing his job for him? Ugh.

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