Reporting platform for sexual harassment launches in Egypt

HarassMap officially announced the release of their SMS text reporting platform yesterday that will allow any cellphone user to report harassment and assault by sending a simple text message. This brings to 2 the number of anti-harassment initiatives launched in the middle east that we’ve written about in the past week. This is the fun part of the job.

HarassMap’s model is unique in that any cell phone user may participate, and not just those with iPhones or Droids. This means that replications in other cities around the world could soon be on their way, paving the way for continued success against public sexual abuse.

Reports are already being accepted . To report by SMS text, send details to 0169870900. To send a report by email, send to [email protected], or you can connect with the group via Facebook and Twitter as well. Visit the HarassMap site in English here.

Congratulations, HarassMap team, and THANK YOU for all that you do.

2 responses to “Reporting platform for sexual harassment launches in Egypt

  1. This is like the “SMS SOS for OFWs in Distress” (Short Message Service SOS for Overseas Filipino Workers in Distress) the Philippine government set up for the 1 in 10 Filipino/as who work abroad:

    I heard one of the coordinators speak at a USAID conference and she said they number goes out to every worker who leaves the country and goes to a dedicated phone in every Philippine embassy, where a representative answers and tries to help the texter to safety. Another great private/public partnership defending human rights which we could model on? Maybe US embassies need to have an SMS SOS for Tourist Women in Distress.

  2. Now we are in 21st century, man and woman are working together, but women are still suffer from sexual harassment. Today’s the advance technology increases the harassment_

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