Self Defense comes in handy

This happened a few years ago when I was walking my dog on the golf course. I was just sitting there, daydreaming, when my dog started barking. I looked over to see a man lying on the grass about 10 yards from me, masturbating. I had done self-defense classes at university and I think my reaction surprised this pervert. I got up and ran AT him – I followed him all the way to his car, memorised the license plate as he drove off, then ran to some nearby golfers, asking for a pen and paper to write down the plate.

Later at home, I wrote a quick description of what happened and did a sketch of the man (he had an unusual hair do) I called the cops and gave them the sketch, the number-plate and the written description of what happened.

They later called back and said that they had given this creep a warning. Nothing else. Then I got angry. I started walking the dog with a friend after that.

Submitted by Gilda

2 responses to “Self Defense comes in handy

  1. only a warning… christ that’s unheard of :\

    if he was gazing at men he would spend some long hours at the police station being investigated.

    you did the right thing by running after him and sending the cops. if anyone will report him again, for anything, he’ll be in serious trouble.

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