What a (terrible) role model

I was 17 and working as a waitress in a small local restaurant on a fairly slow afternoon. A man in his late forties came in with his two sons, the oldest of whom appeared to be 13. They were the only ones in the restaurant, so I was cleaning tables and trying to keep busy while their food was being prepared. First the dad called me over to tell me how hot his sons apparently thought I was. Then he called me over to tell me that one of them wanted my number. Finally, he called me over and asked if he could take a picture of my ass for his sons. I just responded, “That is incredibly inappropriate”, and marched off to get my manager, George, from the back. Of course, George was like a dad to everyone there and threw down his apron and stormed to the front of the store in a rage to confront them. But by then, they had ran out of the restaurant. Without paying.

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  1. Never entertain idiots. First of all you could have made this situation easier by letting them know you are at work and that they should act like a customer. Next, step is to call the police and let the police handle it. Never get another person involved in a situation like this. I am so glad no one got hurt. You don’t have to go back and forth with patrons who have bad manners. You can stop harrassment by giving body language and tone of voice. I am glad they left and not attacked you and your boss.

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