We’ve got to stand up and support each other

I went to the local shop which was just across the street from my house. It was dark and the street was empty apart from a white transit van across the road next to the shop door. As i was crossing the road a man got out of the transit. He screamed at me ‘You see you. I’m gonna come over there and fuck you. get hold of you by the neck like a ferret’. He was furious and punching the air to point at me. I felt humiliated and frightened because of his threat and anger towards me for merely existing! I ignored him and went back home.

What was worse is how the girls I lived with didn’t believe me. They just ignored what I told them. It was a double wammy – i felt angry that someone thought they could verbal threaten me in the street and worried about what could have happened. But then that no one cared made me feel plain stupid!

Submitted by Janet

2 responses to “We’ve got to stand up and support each other

  1. your roommates aren’t friends if they ignored what you had to say…i would of listened and cared…sorry you have uncaring selfish roommates

  2. You aren’t stupid girl. Your roommates sound like shitty friends, if you even want to call them that. Men have no right to act like uncivilized animals who can’t control their sexual urges. Any man who would talk to a strange woman on the street like that needs to pack up and go live on an island with his own kind, a bunch of primates masturbating furiously to themselves all day because they have no self control.

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