Team Groping: the world’s most f*cked up sport

I’ve probably been groped about a half dozen times in my life (on the street, at a concert, on the subway, at an amusement centre, at work…) and witnessed a man masturbating in a parking lot not far from me, trying to get me to come over to him.

But this story is a bit different – it involves two men, in broad day light, on a busy London subway train.

I was standing near the subway doors and doing my best to move out of the way for people coming on and off the train. As the doors opened, I moved away from the doors but felt something rub on my ass as a man exited the train. Then I felt the same thing happen again and noticed this second man exit, this time with his hand in his pocket and clearly sticking out so as to have rubbed up on me. I saw the first man look back and give the second man a knowing look (sort of like ‘that was fun’).

By the time I realized what happened the doors were closing and there was not much I could do about it.

I didn’t get to say anything this time (although in the past, I have chased a groper down the street yelling at him as he got away on his bike). However, I did want to share this story because it’s important to show that these are not isolated incidents, where only one (sick/crazy) man is involved. In this case, these were two men who felt that not only could they both grope me but that they could also get away with it, as they did.

I’m glad this website is here so that these incidents can get exposure. So that we can stop the myth that people can do this to other people, and that no one will speak up about it.

Here’s to assaults like this never happening, and here’s to us doing something about it when they do.

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  1. This happened to me on the tube and when discussing it with friends discovered it’s a popular pastime with some men on the London Tubes. I was with a group of 3 friends when it last happened to me so I took a deep breath, turned to the ‘gentleman’ and said very loudly ‘if you touch me again with that hand you’ll lose it’. The man concerned could not get off the tube quick enough. Not sure I’d have felt comfortable doing the same if I was on my own but glad I did it that time.

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